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March 22, 2018

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Kitten Cat Declaw is no longer offered.

Kitten Cat Declaw is no longer offered.

Hi. This is Dr. Lyle Brumley.   I am the owner of the Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic here in Aurora, IL.  In this video, I’d like to speak on the subject of declawing our little feline friends. Often this procedure is done at the same time as a spay neuter.

Kitten Cat Declaw is easier at an earlier age.

It is a lot easier on your kitty to have it declawed just after kitten vaccinations when it is about 10 weeks old (and weighing in at about two pounds). My requirement is that they have to be 10 weeks old and at least two pounds in weight. It is so much easier, primarily, because the kitty does not weigh a lot at that point. Following the declaw procedure, their little feet are sore for a few days. It is a lot easier if there is only two pounds of weight on the four feet than if there are 6 or 8 pounds (or more).

When we remove and do the declaw, it is a total resection of the third little digit on the paw. That means that we go down between the two little bones (the little last bone that holds the nail and the bone that is located right behind it). We don’t cut through bone. We cut between bone. When we do that, it is a lot less painful because you are not really breaking or cutting through a bone.

It is so much easier to do a declaw procedure when the kitties are young. You can get them before they have a chance to tear up your good new furniture. I have had many cases where people have come in and it is a case where we may need to declaw their kitty (even though that kitty might be ten years old), and these folks had recently gotten new leather furniture. The pet owners don’t want to take the chance that the animal instint  is going to chew and/or scratch the “tar” out of that new furniture. I will declaw an older kitty when it is under those conditions. When it comes down to either getting rid of the pet or doing the declaw (and being able to keep the pet), I’d just assume that they’d be able to keep the kitty.

Kitten Cat Declaw considerations for  older cats.

The difference is that, when you’ve done declaws on an older kitty, it does take them a little longer to get over the pain that exists with that procedure. This is where pain medicines come into the picture. When properly handled, there isn’t a real problem that I have seen. I know that with the older and heavier animals, that they do walk a little bit slower. They also have a tendency to not to want to jump down from a counter or a chair. The kittens (because of their weight) just lie around almost as if nothing had been done (with regards to this line of surgery).

Kitten Cat Declaw protects children and the drapes.

Cats scratch (period).  It is in the feline’s  nature.  If you have young toddlers, often declawing is a safety precaution .  Felines claw to protect themselves.  If an animal feels threaten, no one can predict the behavior of a animal.  A cat scratch can scar a child’s face for life.

Also, I think that declawing is very beneficial (especially with today’s cost of drapes, furniture and with the equipment that we have in the house and such). I know that I did it to my kitties.  It then did not bother me when the three kitties chased each other and slid across the top of my grand piano.  That was fine (as long as they weren’t leaving marks when they did it).

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