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March 22, 2018

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Kitten Cat Rabies Shots by  Dr. Lyle Brumley

Hello. I’m Dr. Lyle Brumley. I am the owner of the Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic here in Aurora, IL.

I’d like to talk to you a bit about kitten vaccinations, adult feline vaccinations, and wellness exams (with regards to felines).  Also, when you bring you kitten in I’d like to talk to you about spay neuter and declawing.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots are a SERIES of vaccinations.

Kittens do need vaccinations. They need a SERIES of vaccinations. It’s not just one or two. It is usually three (sometimes, four vaccinations). The start for this is at around the age of 8 weeks. This continues every two weeks until they are 14 weeks of age. At 16 weeks (which is four months), it is required by Illinois State Law that a ALL  FELINES BE  VACCINATED FOR RABIES. A lot of people think that by keeping the kitty  in the house, that one doesn’t have to worry about those things. That is NOT the case. Adult felines  and kittens BOTH need vaccinations (usually on an annual basis).

If your UNVACCINATED OR LAPSED VACCINATION  feline  breaks the skin of a human, you could have a lot more legal problems.

The difference between the kitten vaccines? What happens here is that each vaccination (given to the kitten, two weeks apart) strengthens and increases the immune system to a higher level so that there is protection that lasts for about the first year (based on how many vaccines that we have given the kitten). After one year of age, we then go to the annual vaccinations for that adult feline . There’s a new vaccination protocol out there. Some veterinarians are also using a three-year distemper vaccination. I personally prefer to stay with the one-year vaccine until I am confident that we are not going to be having any breaks in the vaccinations (based on three-year vaccines).

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots are needed annually.

Presently, your adult cat should be brought in on an annual basis for a rabies vaccination and also for a feline distemper vaccine. This will keep your pet  healthy. Some felines  that are “outdoor cats” have also had their leukemia vaccinations. That also is an annual booster (if that kitty  has had it).

A lot of people say, “Well, I keep my kitty  inside the house. My kitty never goes outside except to go to see the vet.” That does NOT make any difference. Felines  are able to HIDE various diseases and problems that they have until they are very sick or until the problem is so big that you’d be bringing your pet  to the vet on an emergency basis. At that time, it is going to cost a lot more to treat the emergency condition when compared to preventing it.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots include a wellness exam.

A lot of times, I have people ask me (after I administer the vaccines to an adult cat) if I am going to give the cat a “check over”. These cat owners don’t know that I have already checked the feline while I am petting the feline  and while I am feeling for lumps and bumps. That is the time when I am running my hands down the feline’s back, across (and under) the tummy, down the legs, and over the head. This is the time when I am feeling for lumps or bumps or for anything that might cause me to have a concern about what is going on with that kitty .

One of the things with mature felines  (especially as they get older) is that they need teeth cleaning or other Veterinary Dental care. This is more so with the felines  as compared to the dogs (even though BOTH dogs and felines need dental care). It’s amazing how, probably, we (veterinarians) have been a little remorse and relaxed in not pushing and telling people and explaining to them about how the dental and dentistry problems can really come into play and can be a bad situation for the kitties. This is especially true when it comes to the health problems that include the cardiac problems. A bad mouth can lead directly to heart problems with regards to the cardiovascular system (especially in the geriatric feline population.)

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots reduce Veterinary Costs.

Keep in mind that (when we talk wellness) we are trying to prevent problems. We cannot prevent those problems if we do not examine the kitty and see the kitty  (at LEAST on an annual basis). Some are actually recommending that we see them every six months (not a bad idea). We sometimes have a problem getting the owners to bring a feline  in for a wellness exam every year (or even every two years).

It’s very, very wise and beneficial for the pet that we see that animal and go over it and examine it during that time period.

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